Pet Protection

A9R1y5bct6_1mmiczu_3g8Your pets are valued individuals of your family – keep them safe with Circle City Security Systems.

Call us today and inform our dispatch center that you have a pet. We will put comments on your account so that the Fire Department & Police will be notified in the event that there is an emergency signal received from your home! We understand that some pets have unique needs by calling our dispatch center and informing them of your pets needs we will keep that information on file and inform the proper authority if the situation arises.

Sometimes animals get sick just like us. However while your away at work they have no one to check in on them. With our pet cams you can remotely check-in on your beloved animals from anywhere in the world!

Ever wish you could monitor your furry friend while on a weekend trip? Have you come home from work to find your couch chewed up, shoes out of the closet or missing socks from your laundry basket? With our pet cams you can check in on your pets while your away! Do you have multiple animals & one of them is acting out. Do you ever wonder if you are blaming the right pet for the mess that was made? Signup today and you can check on your devilish furry friend from any web enabled device!




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