Vehicle Tracking-Auto GPS

circle city-vehicle-tracking-gps-Indianapolis

Ever wonder where your vehicle is in the middle of the night?

This is an exciting time for the security industry! We are merging in all kinds of directions including Auto GPS! Have you ever wondered if your employee’s are using your company vehicle after business hours? How about your son or daughter? Are they really going to the mall? With auto GPS you can see where your vehicle is really going with a simple click of the mouse.

We have already witnessed the how important these very affordable devices are! Instances like technicians speeding, daughters staying at a friends for a week but really going to Chicago! There are so many ways these devices can save you time, energy & money. Here is a short list of what this device can do for your family or company!

  • View locations of all vehicles on 1 map
  • Click-to-locate for on-demand mapping, or periodic location reporting
  • E-mail notifications for over-speed violations, entry and exit of zone alerts
  • Notifications for Ignition On and Off
  • View history and export reports
  • Scheduled notifications during selected time periods for Ignition, Speed and Power Restoral
  • Daily “heartbeat” reports
  • Online support, FAQ’s and downloads
  • Three mapviews included: Street Map, Satellite, and Hybrid with street view links from google
  • 60 days of history
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