Summer time is the perfect season for getting together with family and grilling. Nothing better than the company of family members with some grilled meats and veggies! However, grill fires can start easily and spread quickly if the environment allows for it. According to the National Fire Protection Association, fires caused by outdoor grills and barbecues in the US average about 8,700 per year. An average of 19,000 patients  go to the emergency room for burns and other grilling related incidents yearly. How can you avoid any negative situations from happening while using your grill? Follow these tips!

  1. Put your grill in a safe location. It may be tempting to use a grill in the garage or under a deck, but propane and gas were designed to be used outside where there is proper ventilation. Without ventilation, carbon monoxide can build up and result in severe health issues and/or death. Place your grill roughly about 10 feet away from the house on a flat surface. Be aware of your surroundings – do not place a grill near any trees, overhangs, lawn decorations or anything else that could potentially cause a fire. 
  2. Never leave your grill unattended while cooking. Grills use an open flame to cook food, and when left unattended this can result in a fire. In most cases, walking around from a grill will just cause the food to burn. But in some cases, this could cause a big fire or a safety hazard for children. 
  3. Wear the proper gear. It is very important to be careful with the clothing you wear while grilling. It is recommended to wear tight-fitted long sleeves and gloves while handling a grill. This could protect your skin from getting burned.
  4. Clean your grill regularly. Before use, it is a good idea to clean off the grill with a scrubber. You will want to scrub away any grease and other buildup that could potentially cause flareups or add fuel to a fire.
  5. Always turn your grill off. It may seem like common sense to make sure to turn it off but it is a step that can easily be overlooked when you’re in a rush. It is a good idea to come up with a routine to follow after each use that includes clean up and shutting everything down.

Grilling is a fun summer activity that brings families together. There is no situation that will ruin a family get together quicker than burnt food, a fire, or someone getting injured. Follow these five tips to protect your family and home from a fire and/or injuries.

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