Ah, a new year, a new start. You made it through the holidays with only one or two scars. Good job. As we look forward into 2018, it is important to reflect and take a look back.. 

a look back at some truly dumb criminal acts.


  1. Armed robber Andrew Hennells was caught after he boasted on Facebook about his plans to raid a supermarket in a post which included a selfie, a picture of a knife, and the words: “Doing. Tesco. Over.” Police caught him 15 minutes later with the knife and £410 in cash stolen from a Tesco in King’s Lynn, Norfolk. He was jailed for four years last April. (http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-35785834).
  2. A man suspected of arson and vandalism sent a selfie to police in Ohio in the US because he found the photo on his arrest warrant to be unflattering. Donald “Chip” Pugh texted police a photo of himself and wrote: “Here is a better photo that one is terrible”. He told a local radio station: “Man, they just did me wrong. They put a picture out that made me look like I was a Thundercat… or James Brown on the run. I can’t do that.” Lima Police Department responded by saying: “We thank him for being helpful, but now we would appreciate it if he would come to speak to us.” He was later arrested in Florida.” (http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-35785834).
  3. James Blankenship thought that he’d planned the perfect crime. In an effort to shame the dazzling feats of thievery seen in films like Ocean’s 11 or The Sting, Blankenship plotted to rob the last place anyone would ever suspect: his own mother’s home. And he would do it during broad daylight, ensuring that he could never be prosecuted — for as Blankenship was well aware, a burglary is only a burglary if it happens at night. If it happens during the day, well, then it’s not a burglary. And therefore not illegal. It was almost too easy. You’ll be surprised to hear that when he tried to break in, Blankenship’s mother chased him away, since he was not allowed on the premises. A neighbor called the police, and Blankenship was found hiding nearby. He was even arrested, despite his letting the authorities know that he was pretty sure burglaries could only be committed at night, so since it was day, he hadn’t done anything wrong.” (http://www.cracked.com/blog/the-8-most-comically-inept-burglars-all-time/).
  4. “Simpsons fans will remember the beginning of the classic “Lisa the Skeptic” episode, in which Homer and a few other Springfield criminals fall for a police sting involving free motorboats. In 2011, Derbyshire police used a similar strategy by offering wanted criminals free beer. The men received notices from undercover officers informing them that they’d won a crate of beer each. To collect, they needed to contact the company that ran the promotion. Many were tempted by the prospect. Nineteen fugitives called the assigned number, setting up a time and place to collect their winnings. Tragically, there was no free beer when they turned up—just police officers ready to take them into custody. (https://listverse.com/2014/08/09/10-of-the-dumbest-criminals-in-the-world/).
  5. A couple of hapless burglars broke into a mobile phone shop and left with just several dummy phones. The burglary, which took place in a Verizon store in Ohio, USA, saw the shop windows smashed by rocks. However the bungling thieves only took off with dummy mobiles, which are of no value to consumers, as the real phones are all locked away in a safe.” (https://www.thesun.co.uk/archives/news/142383/dumb-burglars-break-into-phone-shop-and-steal-fake-mobiles/).



It’s true some burglars may not be the sharpest tools in the shed; however, a burglar doesn’t have to be a Nobel laureate to do a lot of damage. Often, we see that security is a reactive field – something bad happens and we make moves to prevent that same bad thing from happening again. It is important that you take proactive steps to protect your family, your home, your business, your property and yourself. Some burglars may be dumb, but they aren’t stupid. If something does, or doesn’t work, they may try some new approach/technique. Reach out to the experts at Circle City Alarm today to find out how you can put those dumb burglars in a dunce cap!


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