Installing glass break sensors will provide a home and business with extra protection against a burglary. Devices like motion sensors, window and door contact sensors, and fire alarms are some of the common devices you will find in a home and a business. Although these devices are effective, they leave major gaps for a burglary to take place. In this article, we will discuss the importance of glass-break sensors and how they can protect your family and/or business.

What is a Glass Break Sensor and How Does It Work?

A glass break sensor is a security device that detects the sound of breaking glass. When the sensor is activated, the security alarm will respond with an audible alarm. If there is no one available at the location who can disarm the alarm we will follow our normal procedure and then dispatch the authorities in the case that it was not a false alarm. Glass break detectors have specialized microprocessors that are able to distinguish between the sound of glass breaking and any other sound in the area.

The Benefits of Having Glass Break Sensors

Glass break sensors add another layer of protection for your home and business. You could do everything right to ensure your property is not burglarized but it will still not be enough for a criminal who is determined to get inside of the property. A locked door? Locked windows? These two steps definitely will create an obstacle for burglars but will not steer away a determined criminal. When all else fails, breaking a window or a glass door can give a burglar extra access points into your home.

Once the glass has been broken, your alarm system will start to sound. More than likely, this will scare off the intruder before they get the chance to get inside of your property. Without glass break sensors, the first indicator that someone has entered the property is motion sensors being activated. Motion sensors are great to have but will only be able to detect successful entry into the home. Glass break sensors will detect a potential burglar before they enter the home. Wouldn’t you rather be notified BEFORE a criminal enters into your property?

Business and Home Security Services We Offer

At Circle City Alarm, we are eager to provide families and businesses with high quality security services. If you would like to learn more about glass break sensors and any other security products we offer, give us a call at 317-542-7087. We would be happy to provide you with a free quote and give you a peace of mind that your business and family are protected.

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