Internet-connected home security cameras have become incredibly popular in recent years, particularly as the technology itself has become more affordable at the same time. While some people may feel like a more traditional setup will work just fine and that they don’t really “need” to invest in something this powerful, taking a closer look at the benefits reveals that this is one decision you’ll be glad you made in more ways than one.

How Internet-Connected Cameras Work

Internet-connected cameras operate very similarly to traditional cameras, only instead of recording footage to a passive storage medium like a hard disk drive or microSD card, they stream that footage to the Internet and store it in the cloud. They use your home’s wireless network to do this. This means that not only can you record (and save) footage for longer periods, but you can also access that footage (both in “live” and “previously recorded” versions) from any location, at any time, no exceptions.

Why Internet-Connected Cameras Matter

All of the major benefits of Internet-connected home security cameras can essentially be summed up in a single word: immediacy. This is true both in terms of how you can interact with the cameras themselves and how the system can also instantly make your life safer and more convenient at the exact same time.

internet-connected-security-camera-benefits-indianapolis-indiana For starters, having a home security camera system that is connected to the Internet means that you’re never more than a few quick finger taps away from viewing a full HD video feed of your environment at any given time. Are you halfway around the world on vacation and want to check to see if you remembered to turn the stove off? Just load up the associated app on your smartphone and take a look at the feed. Do you have someone coming into your home while you’re at work to perform a particular job (think: your cleaning service) and want to make sure that they’re not ransacking the place while you’re not around? You can do so instantly from any computer or device on planet Earth with an active Internet connection.


But more than that, the real benefit of these Internet-connected systems is how they continue to monitor your environment even when you’re not actively doing so yourself. Many modern-day systems include motion detection capabilities that will instantly send you an alert if someone enters a particular room. You don’t have to hope that you happen to be checking your feed when someone decides to break into your home through a side window. Once motion is detected, you can instantly get a text message notification, a push alert or an email – letting you know that something beyond “normal” is taking place. You can then view the feed and make the best decision about what to do next, all with the level of immediacy you need when you need it the most.

While it’s true that some people may feel uneasy about having security cameras that can be accessed from the Internet at any moment, it’s clear that the benefits far outweigh any potential negatives that you may perceive. Because when you need to protect perhaps the most important investment of all – your home – nothing less than this will be sufficient.

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