We got to thinking, how can you know where you are going if you don’t know where you came from? This made us wonder who invented the first security system. Well, we did our research and this is what we found.

The person who invented the first security system was Marie Van Brittan Brown. The patent was filed for in 1966. She was a nurse living in Jamaica, Queens who worked odd ours like any other nurse.  Albert Brown, her husband, was an electrical technician. At the time, the crime rate was relatively high in her neighborhood. She felt uneasy with possible problems that could occur with her sleeping during the on her off hours. She worked with her husband towards a solution that would make her more comfortable with her situation.



Marie Van Brittan Brown, We Thank You!

Why Did Marie Decide To Invent The System:

Her biggest worry was answering the door to strangers. In 1966, the only way to identify the person at the door was to answer the door. They used multiple security cameras that peeked through four peep holes. They were placed at different heights so they could capture who the visitor was, whether it was a taller person or a child. There was a television monitor placed in Marie’s room for her viewing. It was also equipped with a two-way speaker system so Marie could speak with the visitor.

The Technology Van Brittan Used:

Now, this is the part that you probably didn’t think could have been invented in 1966. If she felt the visitor was a threat, she pressed a button that would notify a security firm, neighborhood watch, and the neighbors. If it was somebody that she knew and wanted to let inside, she’d press the button that unlocked the door.

The ideas behind their invention haven’t changed but the size of the devices have shrunk significantly. In addition, the technology we use today! We are glad they paved the way for security companies like us to make the world a safer place.


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