Everybody is looking for that gold star worthy employee when going through the hiring process. Everybody is not lucky enough to find perfect employees every single time they make a new hire. The best you can do is hope your hiring process weeds out the bad and lets the good shine. Some bad apples always seem to find their way through the cracks. Be careful of who you hand the keys to and entrust your cash register too. Just because they said the right things in the interview doesn’t mean they are perfect little angels. Here are a few reasons to install a business security system or tracking device to keep a third eye on your employees.  



When an employee steals from you, it will show up in the numbers. The problem is you won’t really know who did it. You can only speculate who did it and if you fire somebody on speculation… lawsuits follow. It will make the process much easier if you check the security cameras and catch your employee red-handed. Also if your employees know they are being recorded, there is little chance they will even try anything out of the ordinary. 


If an employee’s numbers are down for a specific day or any amount of time, you can always go back and see why. If they are truly trying their best and are just out of luck in that time, you see that and just try to help them through their rough patch. On the other side, sometimes employees just get lazy and are disinterested in the work. They might just think they can get their paycheck even if they lean back and kick their legs up. This can be viewed and addressed when you record your employees on company property. Now nobody expects you to review every minute of every day, but if the numbers aren’t where they are supposed to be you can see why. 

Auto GPS: 

Companies that have drivers doing work in company vehicles, like delivery drivers, can manage them with ease by having Auto GPS. If a driver takes an hour to go back and forth when it should have been done in half the time, you don’t have to just take his/her word that there was traffic. Keeping your employees accountable can make all the difference to your bottom line.  

Access Control System: 

First, an access control system is good to have for the mere fact of allowing the people you want in and keeping the people don’t out. On the other hand, it can duel as a monitoring system of clocking in and clocking out for employees. You can keep track of who shows up on time and who is always late. If you are out doing business elsewhere, you can still make sure everybody showed up on time without actually being there.  

Don’t let the people YOU hired walk all over you. Take control of your business by keeping your employees accountable. Even though some bad apples make it through the hiring process, it doesn’t mean you have to keep them.

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