Year 2017: 100 Homicides in Indianapolis till Aug 24th

Year 2018: 100 Homicides in Indianapolis as on Aug 14th

If you are living in Indianapolis then you should definitely be worried. The state has reached its homicide benchmark early this year; this means we are far from being secure.

Mayor Joe Hogsett chanted, “We want peace in our streets,” as he marched with Police Chief Bryan Roach and frustrated neighbors on the east side last weekend.

We understand that law enforcement authorities have their limitations, but then again, they have a job to perform. So do we as responsible citizens of the state. Can we just allow things to go as they are going?

Current situation clearly points to a fact that this year Indiana is all set to break its previous years 177 homicide record. Everyone knows that gun-related crimes are on the rise and we need to do something to safeguard ourselves until some concrete government policy comes into place.

Being into the business of security systems, we know for sure that there is an urgent need to protect our residential properties. Gun possession has become a normal routine for people. They carry guns as if it’s an essential accessory. A major contributory factor to this phenomenon is the feeling of insecurity. The feeling that someone will do something bad to us and we need to be prepared for the worst.

Having tools of self-defense is good, but having tools of offense is bad.

The above statement is presented to highlight the fact that having guns is not bad, but it’s our mindset and the intent that matters. There are many ways to defend ourselves and there is no need to resolve to a violent method.  Prevention is always better than cure. We are sure every one of our readers might have heard this phrase. It has become a cliche sort of thing now. However, we still have our doubts that how many of us actually understand it.

A significant number of crimes that happen in the region are occurring in a residential setting. We need to take a pro-active approach when it comes to securing our loved ones and our property. That’s why a home owner needs to have a residential home security system installed.

As we mentioned earlier, we are into the business of providing solutions that can effectively help prevent residential crimes. By this blog post, we would not be promoting any of our products but would be providing our readers with some basic pointers…

How To Have A More Secure Home?


Sounds odd, but by landscaping, we meant that you should have properly maintained plants in and around your house. The wild growth of vegetation should not in any way hamper the visibility and aid the criminals in conducting their business. It would also help keep your home secure from snakes and other dangerous creatures.


Goes without saying, the area in the front and back side of your house should be well lit. Darkness aids crime. It’s not a metaphor but a fact. Lack of proper lighting makes it easier for criminals to sneak in and also makes it hard for you to detect any suspicious activity.

Points of Entries

Doors, pet access, and windows should be of such quality that they can effectively prevent any break-in attempts and also make sure that you keep them locked when inside.

Pet Dog

Having a furry friend is always helpful. Criminals avoid picking up homes that have a dog. Dogs are natural security professionals, they have a keen sense of judging the situation and act as a very good alarm system for your home. If the opportunity calls for it, they would also not bat an eyelid before attacking an intruder to protect you and your family.

Apart from the above-mentioned points, it would be really wise to get your home’s security audit done by a professional security company. Securing your home should be your top priority. Never ignore such matters. In case you need further information or assistance in securing your home, feel free to give us a call anytime or you can request a free quote for your home or business. 

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