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burglar - home security systemsCUSTOM HOME SECURITY ALARM SYSTEMS

Circle City Security Systems offers the highest technological, user-friendly, home security and alarm systems currently available. Each application has features designed to suit anyone, from the average user to the most advanced. Each keypad comes with immediate response ‘panic’ & ‘fire’ buttons. In addition, only the highest multiple detection technology is built-in to each motion or glass break detection device.


  • Motion Detectors – We off the latest in technology motion detectors with tri-tech capabilities. What this means for the end-user is less false alarms and less potential fines from their local police department
  • Glass Breaks – The glass break detectors we offer are considered dual technology & operate much like our motions to reduce false alarms
  • Smoke Detectors – In many eyes the most valuable item to add to any home security systems. The smokes we offer are photoelectric which is proven to be the fast detection rate of all smoke alarms.
  • Heat Detectors – For the places where smoke detectors just won’t work or will false alarm more than they are worth. Places like garages, attics, kitchens etc.
  • Water Detection – The water detection and sump pump detectors we offer can save any room in your home from flooding.
  • Key fobs – We offer key fobs with all our home security systems for the added convenience of operating your system from the palm of your hand.
  • Backup Communications – We offer the latest in technology for all systems seeking an alternate communication path from the traditional telephone line.
  • Total Connect – This service allows you or anyone with access to remotely arm or disarm your home security system from virtually anywhere in the world. To read more please follow this link

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