Installing proper office building security systems is an essential in today’s security conscious world. Yes, maintaining good office building security best practices goes a long way, but with threats such as identity theft, employee theft and burglary, items like expensive equipment, sensitive commercial equipment, and internal information make office building security a top priority. Are you ready to make office security a top priority? Call our team at Circle City Security Systems at 317-542-7087 for a free quote today.

Office Building SecurityOffice building security systems

When choosing the type of office building security system you need, the things to consider are:

  • The amount of security you need
  • The perimeter security
  • The external security
  • The internal security

Important items like building security lights, motion detectors, and the presence of closed circuit and video monitoring systems are security staples that need to be considered whenever office security systems are put in place. Keeping a building secure is important for both safety and security.

Business Building Security Systems Lower Insurance Rates

Taking the time to make investments in office security systems can pay off big in savings. In general insurance companies offer a discount to their clients with properly installed office security systems that are specific to your business. It has been proven that businesses that have installed monitored business office building security systems, are routinely given discounts because great building security systems reduce claims loss.

Security Systems Improve Confidentiality

In business, confidentiality means everything. Security is about confidentiality, integrity and availability. Internal files, documents such as employee and client lists and sales information grab a pretty penny on the black market. As the holder of that information, you have a responsibility to protect that information. The internal information, should be held under the proper protocols so that the RIGHT information is available to the RIGHT people at the BEST time. With a security system, and even the smallest of office security protocols you are able to build additional levels of trust with client and employee info.

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Security Systems Protect Servers and Computer Networks

Along with internal documents, most businesses maintain an onsite server in addition to a backup off-site server. While the off-site backup is outside of your control, the server that you maintain on site, computers, and expensive phone systems need to be monitored at all times for security data management protocols. Only a top rated office building security system can ensure that this valuable equipment is kept safe.

Most Important an Office Building Security Systems Help Protect Cash

Items such as petty cash, corporate credit cards and even business checks are often kept on premises for ease of access and use. Those items should be kept under lock and key at a minimum, but most important, their security should be actively monitored by office building security cameras, wireless or wired.

The Office Building Security Systems of Today are Better

Office building security systems today are better than they were even 5 years ago and because of that, changes in automation, communication, even contracting are better than you could imagine. It’s time to get an evaluation of your current office security systems. Call the team at Circle City Security Systems at 317-542-7087 for a free quote on office building security systems today.

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