Sometimes a simple alarm system won’t suffice when it comes to leaving children at home alone or going away on vacation. With the advancement of modern technology, we have the latest and most advanced security system for your home so there is no need to worry when you’re away.

Control the safety and security of your home from your smart phone, PC, or compatible web-enabled device with Total Connect!  Don’t let intruders take advantage of your home when you are on vacation, out at a ball game, or spending a night out with friends. Home invasions are not something you want to take any chances with.

Control your thermostat:

  • Using less energy saves you money and keeps your home a comfortable temperature all of the time!

Control Your Lights:

  • This can be very helpful especially if you are gone at night or see in a video camera that someone is near your house, turn on a light to make it seem as though someone is home

Get access to everything, Know when:

  • A safe, gun, or liquor cabinet is opened
  • Motion sensed in in protected area indoor/outdoor
  • Valuable object is moved indoor/outdoor
  • When your child arrives home from school – or doesn’t
  • Security system has been armed or disarmed
  • Flood or extreme temperature change is detected

Video Surveillance:

  • Live video on up to six cameras at a time
  • Look in your home or office with video – no need for a security system

Put your mind at ease with our elite security systems and consider advancing your home security – or lack there of with Honeywell’s Total Connect! At Circle City we can cater to whatever home security system suits your family best. Give us a call at 317-542-7087.

Or Contact Our Dedicated Team Here:

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