There are a lot of reasons your home needs to consider the benefits of investing in a video surveillance system.  Great news.  We only have TWO reasons to share in this recent blog entry.

1. Safety

The word safety is very broad we know. Let us break it down in some of our most frequently asked questions so you understand.

  • How Good Is The Video Quality?

Very Good. The Best. Just Ask. Consultations Are Encouraged And Free.

  • Can I Spy On My Kids?

Yes. Highly Recommended.

  • Should I Trust My Babysitter?

Should You? Be Safe. Be Sure. Be Secure. 

  • Did The Pool Guy Clean My Pool?

Overcharged On The Invoice. We Feel Your Pain. Get A Solution. Circle City Security Systems

  • Can I See Who Threw That Brick Through My Window?

Great Question. We Get This A Lot. The Answer Is Yes. Very Clearly.


These are the questions that the majority of our customers had before they installed their new surveillance cameras.  The only question we get now is when they are ready to upgrade or need to switch their direct deposit information.  Good news, if you have any questions we are here 24/7 to answer them.  Call Anytime: 317-542-7087

2. Money

Indeed, money is always the topic of conversation when considering any important purchase that protects your family, a loved one, or most importantly yourself. Now, let us touch on the most important question you probably care about. Only one.

Does a properly installed surveillance system save you money? The answer is YES! Are you willing to ask how? Perfect. Head over to our recent surveillance camera offer to get more details. 


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