Going on a vacation is an essential part of balancing the ever tiring circle of work and life. It’s what recharges us for the next round. Moreover its the American way of life. Our blog article is aimed at enabling you to make the most out of your vacations without worrying about anything. It is natural that you have to leave your home while you go for a vacation.

Some Vacation Home Security Tips

1. Keep Your Vacation Plans to Yourself:
Whenever going on a vacation, let only your near and dear ones know about it. Never put this information on display for others to read. What we meant is don’t put an autoresponder on emails that I am away for vacations or a message on voicemail saying that you are not here. Criminals are getting smarter by the day, make sure that you are also smart enough to tackle them.

2. Outdoor Security Lights:
To make an entry the burglars will always look for dark spots to enter your home. Make sure you have proper illumination and lighting for such areas. This will make easy for your neighbors and passerby to observe anything unusual that might be happening in front of your home.

3. Install Smart Lock To Your Doors:
Smart locks allows you to control the entry in your home by remotely unlocking it. In case you feel something fishy, you can always allow your neighbor to have a look at your place by unlocking the door for him. It also alerts you if somebody tries to open your door without your permission.

4. Lock Everything:
Before you leave for the vacation make sure that you have locked everything that can be locked in your home. It includes your doors, windows and any other entrance options that you might have.

5. Get Yourself A Video Doorbell
This is a piece of equipment that every home should have. A video doorbell allows you to answer your door from anywhere. It also records the video of the person that is on the door. Some of them also have motion detection capabilities and can capture video as soon as there is a movement at your door.

6.CCTV Cameras:
These are the best option to provide in-depth remote surveillance of your home. You can view your premises from anywhere in the world. In case of a mishap, you can always use this video in alerting the authorities and this can also act as an evidence in the court of law.

7. Secure your valuables:
It would be wise to keep your valuable things like cash, bonds, jewelry tucked away in a bank locker when going away for a vacation. If the burglars can’t find anything valuable in your home then they cannot harm you much. Isn’t it?

8. Ask your newspaper guy to take a break:
Pile of unpicked mail and newspapers outside your home is a good sign that you are away. This is like inviting trouble. So make sure that you suspend your subscriptions when away. Prevention is better than cure they say!

So here is it folks, hope you enjoyed and gained some wisdom by reading our blog post. Stay tuned for more such interesting tips.

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