Because of improvements in technology, home security is now one of the more accessible luxuries for homeowners to consider. It has always been one of the most important! Home security begins with great visuals, and great visuals begin with great cameras.

You have many choices for your home security camera system.

The list below will give you a shortlist of features that you should consider regardless of the type of house that you are looking to protect.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Security

Many homeowners do not first consider that the most protected homes may have more than one type of security system working at the same time. Indoor and outdoor security are two completely different animals. If you want the best protection, then you may have to consider that you need two different types of systems. These systems can come from the same company, but they do not have to.

When you consider things like proximity, angling and other visual cues, you can imagine that the camera that works inside may not necessarily work outside. The opposite statement is also true. Make sure that the home security camera company that you choose understands the difference. You will them be able to make an informed decision about which systems or companies to use.


The selection that you make between DVR (digital video recorder) and NVR (network video recorder) will affect many things about your home security system. On the surface, digital video may seem like the obvious choice. Network video recording is actually the better choice in certain situations because it has the ability to go wireless. If you want to utilize a home security app that allows you to monitor your home from your smart phone, NVR may help you. This is an important decision – one that you may want to make with a security professional by your side.

Your Budget

Believe it or not, you do not have to have a six figure budget to get the appropriate level of security for your home these days. What you need is an understanding of how security cameras work and how to pick the best solution for your property.

A standalone webcam (a cost effective option) can give you a high level of security if that camera is placed in the right location on your property. Even if you have a more expansive budget, improper use of that budget will add no security to your home. Moving up to an all-in-one security system may not be necessary.

Keep the best practices above in mind before you commit yourself, your family and your home to any security system. This is one of the most important decisions that you will ever make in your life. Make sure that you have a truly professional company by your side to help you make it. Read over our security camera buying guide to help you better determine the best camera for you!

Circle City Security Systems is your home security camera partner for all situations. Give one of our dedicated experts a call today. We will help you work through your options so that you install the best system for your home. We look forward to helping you protect your family and your castle from the malicious elements that may be looking to take from you or your home right now.

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