An employee alarm system is a supplementary feature that can be incorporated with any of our access control systems. Use this feature to track access times and monitor your business in an effective way. If you already have an existing alarm system, this could be a great addition to your package. Keep everything in one place and reduce the number of things you personally have to keep track of. You’re already planning on monitoring the incoming and outcoming traffic throughout your workplace – why not keep it all tracked on the mobile app?

We provide access control, fire control, vehicle tracking, and surveillance systems for commercial properties. Circle City Alarm brings protection to your business full circle with our employee alarm systems.

Commercial Properties: Employee Alarm System Monitors & Protects Your Employees

Employees are a vital part of your business – manage their whereabouts effortlessly with our additional feature option.

Web-based access control allows you to monitor the whereabouts of staff members night or day. This feature is especially valuable if your business is constantly growing and evolving. When employee count starts to increase, a professional feature to their badge (aside from general access) can add a different dynamic to the workplace.

As your business expands, security levels need to increase. It’s important for all business owners to reevaluate the standards at which they set their security, it’s always better to be proactive for protection versus inactive. If there is ever a time when your assets could be breached, access control systems prevent and hinder any intrusion.

Security systems create a safe and supported work atmosphere for your employees. Circle City Alarm can provide an environment suitable for all employees. No one wants to work in an environment that they don’t feel safe in, give us a call today for a free quote for this additional value to your alarm system.

Prevent Workplace Theft and Keep Track of Important Inventory

Employees are hired because they are trusted and qualified to work with your business. Unfortunately, there are instances where misconduct takes place. To avoid any confusion or misguidance, an Employee Alarm System can help you keep track of daily operations with ease.

Customized Badge Control

Employees will have a certain chip in their badge that registers anyplace in the building they need access for. Track your inventory and workplace migration to monitor the levels of foot traffic productivity.

Access control helps you monitor and restrict access to any areas of your building, and employee alarm activation is a preventative measure to make certain there is no unwarranted activity in the workplace.

As your business needs change and grow, your security system can grow with you. At Circle City Alarm, we hope to offer tools that allow you to conduct business in a professional and secure matter with our new employee alarm system feature. For any additional questions about our security features, feel free to contact us at 317-542-7087


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