Over the last several years, “smart home” technology has become a nearly ubiquitous part of our lives in a variety of ways. Are you getting ready to watch a film in your basement but don’t want to get up to adjust the lights? Just tell Siri to trigger the appropriate scene right from the comfort of your chair. Want to dramatically improve the energy efficiency of your home? Install a smart thermostat and control your HVAC system right from your phone – or with your voice.

These same advantages have come to home security technology, too. In fact, there are many different reasons why smart home security is a trend you’ll want to embrace sooner rather than later.

The Major Benefits of Smart Home Security: Breaking Things Down

If you had to sum up the major advantages of smart home security systems, you could do so using just two words: “information” and “visibility.”

For starters, a smart home security system puts YOU in complete control over the safety and security of your home. Every element of your system – from the door and window sensors to the security cameras and everything in between – is all connected together and accessible from any device on planet Earth with an active Internet connection.

This means that if you’re halfway around the world on vacation and want to make sure you locked your back door, you absolutely can – provided that your old “dumb” lock has been replaced with a smart security door lock, that is. Likewise, camera feeds can be accessed at any time and you can even view historical information about who is coming and going from your home and when.

Indeed, that bleeds directly into the other major advantage of a smart home security system: visibility. Many of the individual assets that make up a smart home security system are compatible with all of the latest smart home platforms, like Apple’s HomeKit or Google. This means that you’re never more than a few quick taps of your finger away from pulling up a complete (and accurate) real-time status of your home.

Smart Home Security – Peace of Mind in The Palm of Your Hands!

Want to know if someone is in your basement? The Internet-connected motion sensors will tell you. Would you like to get alerts if someone pulls up to your driveway while you’re away, the smart security camera you’ve mounted above your garage will tell you. Do you want everything to automatically disarm once you arrive home from work so that you don’t have to think about anything? The geo-fencing technology built into your smartphone or other mobile device can help make that happen.

Both of these elements come together to form what is perhaps the most important advantage of all. The type of peace-of-mind that you simply won’t be able to get through other means. Never needing to worry about the safety of your home and the people inside it is itself worth the price of the investment for many people.

If you’d like to find out more information about why a smart home security system is the smart move for you to make for your loved ones (pun absolutely intended), or if you have any additional questions that you’d like to discuss with someone in a bit more detail, please request a free home security quote and a dedicated sales professional will schedule your quote as soon as possible!

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