Surveillance systems can be a great way to deter criminals and protect your home. There are a number of very affordable options to choose from to meet your specific property surveillance system needs. Whether you are looking for something simple or more complex when it comes to security surveillance. If you’ve been debating on making the investment in a property surveillance system, here are five reasons why you should take the next steps. If you think that you would like a free quote on a security system, give us a call at 317-542-7087 today!

Surveillance Systems

Surveillance systems are a much-needed piece of an essential part of securing your business or home. Surveillance systems can range from both wired and wireless home security systems cameras to highly complex and sophisticated alarm monitoring and surveillance systems that are monitored and notify law enforcement at the very first sign of trouble.

Surveillance Systems Can Deter Crime

First, having a surveillance system on your property can deter crime, especially if there are cameras that are easily seen. Criminals typically look for easy targets. The types of easy targets that criminals look for include:

  • Homes or property that are not well lit
  • Property that is hidden from plain view
  • Property that has no visible signs of being monitored

If it’s evident that the property is under surveillance, the criminal is more likely to move on. If you have had packages stolen or have experienced vandalism, a security system may put an end to it. Take the time to protect any outbuildings as well if you have a large property and/or equipment. At Circle City, lights, cameras, sensors, and other options are available as part of your property surveillance system to ensure the protection of everything you deem to be of value. Family included.

Property Surveillance Helps Police Solve Crime

Surveillance can assist the police by providing visual evidence or other helpful information such as:

  • Dates and times of events
  • Identifying factors of alleged perpetrators

This identifying information could be related to a specific incident on your property or any property that might be nearby. By maintaining a well run and functioning property surveillance system, you are also contributing to the safety of your neighborhood and decreasing the crime rate in your area.

Surveillance Security Cameras Allow for Long-Distance Monitoring

Thirdly, security cameras can allow for long-distance monitoring. Whether it’s your home or business, today’s technology can allow you to check in no matter where you are. If you’re expecting a delivery, you can make sure it arrives safely. Or, perhaps you want to monitor an employee, an elderly relative or a favorite pet you have on site. All of these things are easy to check on through connectivity between your property surveillance system and an app on your smartphone. Some even give you the capability to move cameras and have a two-way conversation with whoever is in view.

Increased Employee Safety and Productivity

If you are a business owner, a fourth benefit to having a security system on your property is increased employee safety and productivity. To be honest, studies have shown increases in customer when employees know they are being watched, they tend to stay on task or even work harder. In addition, some systems have the capability of sending alerts in case of an emergency. A property surveillance system can encourage positive and safe behavior from your employees which can have other benefits to your business.

Lastly, having a surveillance system on your property can save you money. Besides the immediate cost benefits of preventing theft and vandalism, most insurance companies will lower your premium up to 20% for having a property surveillance system.

Property Surveillance Systems are Worth the Investment

In conclusion, these are only five reasons to consider. There are many more benefits to having a property surveillance system. Depending on the options and equipment you choose, there are endless possibilities to keep the things that are important to you safe. These can range from everything from infrared camera technology to home/business automation. Property surveillance systems have come a long way and should be on your list as a must-have.

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