The last two decades have seen a remarkable change in many greater Indianapolis communities. Take Fountain Square, for example. After 30 years of decline and shrinking property values, the average family income in Fountain Square began to rise slowly between 2000 and 2010.

Ongoing gentrification efforts, along with bold investors who back new construction projects and flippers who swoop in to update run-down homes contribute to today’s rapid growth in the center-city neighborhood.

Perhaps the most dramatic changes driving renewal and expansion are the education level of residents and the number of young adults who have decided to return to their childhood neighborhood – or stay, instead of chasing the money.

Residents say that an active, strong community has helped push the criminal element out while maintaining the areas unique social fabric. There are so many positive things about living in this mixed-use community, yet the number of break-ins is on the rise.

Fortunately the internet of things (IoT) and smart home technology available today make it easier than ever before to protect your family and your assets.

Why Your Fountain Square Home Needs A Security System

According to crime data, there have been 342 theft counts and 93 burglary counts recorded in Fountain Square over the past 12 months. Most homeowners cannot be on-site, guarding their family and property against criminals and would-be invaders 24/7. The solution to prevent loss is leveraging technology to monitor their homes any time they are away – whether it be for a few minutes, a few hours or for an extended period.

How Smart Home Security Systems Deliver Protection & Peace of Mind

Monitoring & Documenting

State-of-the-art surveillance equipment and intuitive apps allow homeowners to monitor everything that happens inside their homes and on the surrounding property.

Strategically placed cameras near entrances, above rear-facing windows, and in proximity to other high-traffic areas susceptible to criminal activities let Fountain Square Indianapolis residents live-stream real-time video to see what is going on in and around their homes. App features enable screenshots and image sharing. This functionality makes it easier for law enforcement to identify people who attempt, or successfully gain, unauthorized entry or vandalize property.

Sophisticated, wireless home security systems alert customers when they forget to close and lock their garage door and allow them to activate the closing mechanism to secure their property. Others rely on alerts and web-connected camera capabilities to check on indoor pets, children arriving home from school, and caregivers who deliver daily service to elderly parents or grandparents home alone.

The best system sensors differentiate between humans and pet family member movements and include features such as selective zone arming, which allow people to activate the entire home or just a few rooms based on normal daily activities.

All of these features enhance home security and safety. And, many studies show that criminals tend to avoid neighborhoods where they know at least part of the residents have invested in home security systems.

Protecting your home and family doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. To learn more about customizing a wireless security system for your Fountain Square home, Contact Circle City Alarm today.

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