Wireless home security technology has evolved rapidly over the last few years. What was once an expensive proposition reserved only for a select few is not more affordable and more reliable than ever. There are a wide range of benefits that switching to wireless will bring to the table in terms of your safety, your security, your ultimate comfort and more.

The Benefits of Wireless Home Security

Wireless Home Security System

One study from the University of North Carolina revealed that most burglars will usually attempt to find out if a home has a security system installed before they break into it. If such a system does exist, it isn’t necessarily always a deterrent – oftentimes burglars will attempt to “cut” or otherwise disable that system so that they can gain entry undetected.

Indeed, the same study revealed that only 60% of burglars said that they would look elsewhere after discovering a home security system. That still leaves 40% that see those systems as little more than a challenge meant to be overcome.

If your home security system was hardwired directly into your telephone line, all one would need to do is find those telephone wires (or separate alarm wires), physically sever them and all obstacles would be removed. With a wireless home security system, however, this isn’t something you have to worry about. There are no wires to be cut at all, creating a much safer and more secure environment at all times.

Home Security Automation

Wireless systems also bring with them a host of additional benefits, particularly when it comes to automation. If you know that you’re going to be away during the day, you can have the lighting in your home turn on automatically to make it seem like someone is still around. Everything – from wireless motion sensors to lighting to door locks and more – can be programmed automatically, taking guess work out of the equation entirely.

Wireless home security cameras also often allow you to stream live, HD footage from your system directly to a smartphone or web browser. You could effortlessly check in on your home to make sure that everything is still safe and sound, even if you’re halfway around the world on vacation at the time.

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