Last week almost 40 firearms were stolen from a guns store in Cloverdale. Recently another firearms shop was a victim of a burglary in Central Indiana leading to theft of 7 firearms. Imagine if this can happen with a gun store, then, where do other establishments like grocery stores and gas stations stand?

Commercial security is although a larger term used here when compared to local stores, security is security and when it comes to having a more secure professional environment, no business or commercial establishment is small. Every business needs to be secure. The reason is simple – at times, your store has products that can cause havoc when they are in the wrong hands. Take the example of the recent burglary at firearms store. Guns were stolen, and they can be potentially used to commit serious crimes.

The law enforcement agencies are already doing their part in protecting our commercial establishments. But we know that they have certain limitations. Does that mean we can ignore things like commercial security? The answer is a big no.

Every commercial establishment be it a Mom and Pop Store or a Gun shop needs to be equally secure. Being into the business of providing security solutions, we know how important it is to take preventive measures for securing the commercial establishment.

Learning from the recent incident which has hit the top news online, we have certain inputs that would help commercial establishments in creating a more secure environment for themselves.

CCTV: Closed circuit TV is a must have for any commercial establishment. The CCTV should cover your entire store interior as well as points of entry and a significant amount of area that lies outside your store. When a crime happens, it’s natural that the criminals will follow a path to gain access to your store. Having a CCTV coverage helps you in detecting an invasion as well as provide concrete evidence to the law enforcement agencies in case of a burglary.

Securing points of access: Make sure that all the points of access and entry like windows, backdoor entry points, front doors are sturdy enough to bear the brunt of an attack. If the burglars cannot enter your premises they cannot steal anything.

Locks: Ensure that your commercial establishment has smart locks installed. These are not your regular locks that can be picked easily. These locks are digitally protected and use biometrics to operate.

Web-Based Monitoring: Ensure that all your installed security devices are connected to the internet for 24/7 monitoring. Additionally, it would be great if you avail the services of a central monitoring agency. These guys act like a fail-safe, in case you are unable to react to an emergency situation, then, on your behalf these guys will alert the authorities.

Smart Alarms: The best thing you can do in case of an attack is to call for help. We know that in these situations calling the authorities directly might not be feasible. That’s why we recommend getting smart alarms installed in your commercial premises. These alarms can be secretly operated and can be programmed to call the police or other emergency services without alerting the invaders.

We hope our blog post is of some value to our readers. Please stay tuned for more such informative posts in future. Also, we have expertise in the installation of all modern security devices. Reach out to us for a no-obligation free consultation.

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