Modern Design

Security Systems should be easily accessible, but not easily noticed. Get rid of your outdated, worn key-pad and upgrade to a better solution. Our alarm pads are made to compliment your home and everyday lifestyle. They’re easily accessible and won’t draw attention from house guests. This sleek and modern fit prevents unwanted users from toggling with the screen but is user-friendly for your family.

Your home represents your style – get rid of the bulky eyesore mounted on the wall, and take a look at our contemporary alarm pads made to fit in every home. The simplicity of our screen is convenient and easy to navigate between functions.


Nowadays, the majority of computers, tablets and cell phones manufactured are a touch screen. This transition can be linked to the fact that it’s more user-friendly to interact with a screen. Our alarm system touch screen pads change along with each step to complete the desired function. Adjust the alarm settings and motion sensor detectors as needed from your home pad. Previously, alarm systems were limited to the number of functions available, as the buttons and size of pad restricted the capabilities.

Have you ever been house-sitting for someone, and had to deal with an alarm system you were unfamiliar with? It can be kind of intimidating – there is always a moment of dismay, in hopes that the wrong button won’t set off the alarm. In the past, older, out-dated alarm key-pads provided a disadvantage because it was especially difficult to retrace steps if an error occurred.

Our easy to navigate, user-friendly touch screen pads are perfect for keeping your home safe and secure.

With advanced touch screen technology, you are able to have a positive, simpler user experience to ensure your home or business is secure at all times. Feel comfortable in knowing the fact that your kids, family, or house sitter can easily navigate the settings on your system.

Web-Based Access Application Integrates with New Touch Screens

Circle City Alarm systems have a web-based access feature that allows you to monitor your home and office when you’re not there. This feature coordinates perfectly with your home pad. Have access to cameras and motion sensor alerts at the tip of your fingers.

Coordinate all of your specific alert types on your phone so you can easily monitor the day-to-day activities of your home or business.

The straight forward nature of our systems ensures a user-friendly experience for everyone. Access remotely or directly from the pad. Feel at ease when you leave with our safety guarantee. Contact our office for a free quote or if you’re having issues with your system. 

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